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02 June 2021 - FREE WEBINAR


Organizations that have at least 30% women in leadership roles are 12x more likely to excel financially.* The success of women leaders is great news for businesses. But the challenges are also great; from higher levels of zoom fatigue** to development gender gap.* This interactive session dives into the University of Oxford study on female leadership in how post-pandemic changes are affecting women leaders worldwide.Looking at the importance of self-acceptance, self-management, and self-development, this session will also discuss ways to help leaders navigate the new challenges in 2021.

RUMI-U kicks off June with the sixth masterclass: a joint collaboration between RUMI, Daya Dimensi Indonesia, Srikandi BUMN, Oxford Society Indonesia, and an expert from the University of Oxford.

One of the world's best and oldest universities. The research university that developed one of the world's first COVID-19 vaccines.

* DDI (2015) Ready-Now Leaders
** Fauville et al. (2021). Nonverbal Mechanisms Predict Zoom Fatigue and Explain Why Women Experience Higher Levels than Men.
*** DDI (2021) Global Leadership Forecast: Leadership Transitions Report.



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